We hit home runs in conducting premier baseball training programs

Whether you are seeking to make the jump from collegiate status to the professional level, or simply seeking the MVP award in your recreation league, our baseball training program will provide you with the opportunity to boost your game to the NEXT LEVEL!

We use the latest and most efficient training equipment and cutting-edge techniques to guarantee an optimal level of customized training.

The USI baseball training program employs fast-paced baseball-specific movements to ensure the greatest level of training crossover to performance on the field. We implement resistance training techniques to increase stability as well as upper-body and lower-body strength for longer distance hitting. USI baseball training utilizes proprietary core training techniques to increase rotational power for quicker bat-speed and greater throwing velocity. Hand-eye coordination and balance are also essential components for training-to-game performance crossover.


USI utilizes baseball specific of agility and speed training for increased performance in base-running.

When competing at any level, injury prevention training is a must, which is why our programs are backed by top orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists in Florida! USI targets the high risk joint structures for the specific sport through personalized flexibility training and strengthening of areas like the shoulder complex, ankles, knees, and hips for proper baseball-specific injury prevention.

Our professional trainers assemble the perfect combination of training, educating, and motivating which yield Ultimate athletic gains.


Private Training: $38-$68/session

Small Group Training: $18-$43/session

Team Training: TBD


“I like my training class because we train hard. There is competition for us to get better. Each time I work, I get faster. I also work on form, running, ladders, and my favorite…FOOTBALL!”
Phillip Parchment
13 years old